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A Business for You

What About your Life Style can offer you....

Whether you want the chance to earn a little extra income to help you pay your bills... or perhaps you want to build a career through a solid home based business, About your Life Style can help.

Here is a unique business opportunity created for the woman who wishes to empower herself...  

 As an About your Life Style member you will enjoy:

Flexibility to set your own work hours 

Ability to spend quality time with loved one's

Additional time to explore your own favourite pursuits;

Satisfaction that comes with helping others improve their lives


About your Life Style offers a growing range of proudly South African products - all natural, healthy and with a luxury lifestyle aspiration, as well as a great business structure allowing a Distributor to enjoy high retail discounts AND offering every business owner a 6 week online entrepreneurial coaching course.



We offer unique products with a unique business opportunity!

We want you to be a success - we want you to achieve your dreams, and we will assist you every step of the way.

Join our team - we care.

My  philosophy for success is simple  Be a testimony for your product, live it, breathe it and talk about it. No business can be  successful if it remains a secret!       



Leadership opportunities 

If your dream is to support and nurture others to be their best, then we can offer this opportunity to you too.

By creating  your own strong active team you are empowering other women and yourself! 

We operate on a 10:1 principle.

For every 10 people we talk to about our business 1 will be keen to learn more.

Quite simple isn't it?

Just imagine the possibilities- before the year is over you could be developing another business!



So how can you get started? Choose which way suits you best:

Email Debbie at who will contact you telephonically to chat about your interest and aspirations. She will assist you I'm completing the necessary paperwork and in selecting your first products .


Pop on to find a Distributor and select a Key Distributor in your area. She will meet with you, chat informally and advise you of what is required. And then it is simply the paperwork to be completed and the product to be selected! 

Then it is up to you!

This is your time

Be confidant 

Be passionate 

Remember we are always available to assist you . 



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Launching the Balance CleenCloth

The microfibre CleenCloth is a powerful skincare tool and removes much more than makeup. By lifting the bacteria and dirt from the skin's surface it allows your serum to penetrate and work so much better. Order your CleenCloth online in September and receive a R50 discount on your next purchase of any Balance Skincare product (excludes the Pamper Collection)