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The Ramblings of a dedicated Traveller (& Shopper!)


I love travelling...I really  mean that! And with travelling goes shopping - hand in hand!

When asked recently which country would I  choose to re-visit -  the answer without hesitation was - TURKEY - I have been blessed to visit this awesome country three times and would go back tomorrow if I could.

It ticks all the traveller's boxes -  Turkey is interesting, with tons of culture and heritage to enjoy –  it is an easy stop over when travelling further and is irresistible for most travellers who revel in things to do, people to meet, food to eat and of course things to buy...!  

In Turkey you need to do as the Turkish do – so I did - off to a traditional Turkish bath or hamman went I – I surprised myself by enjoying the experience of being scrubbed clean (by a complete stranger!), and while there I used the Hammam towels or peshtemals, the traditional towel used in the Turkish Baths. Well they have since been added to my shopping list.


 These towels are 100% cotton and are produced in hand-woven looms in Turkey. They have the natural, organic look that I love and come in a range of styles and colours.

 They are highly absorbent, dry quickly and are lightweight, which makes them perfect for travelling.


  They make an ideal bath towel, especially in summer, when one doesn't need something thick and heavy. 

 Aside from being practical, they are also very stylish (which is more important really!)

 I think I would choose the more neutral colours for my bathroom, like these examples.


They would also make fabulous towels for beaching and water sports, especially as they dry so quickly.  Perhaps brighter colours would be better for these purposes.

They would also be great for the poolside.....

Just look at these gorgeous colours....


  Their versatility doesn't end there ... you could use them as a throw for your bed...


 ..... a tablecloth........a picnic blanket..... ....a baby blanket and for keeping a toddler warm and dry... a sarong... a wrap....or a scarf..

  The other export Turkey is famous for are it’s pottery designs – the Turks are true artisans.

This work shows traditional Iznik Turkish ceramic art of the 16th century

All the pottery shown is lead free glazed, heat resistant and washable.


The 2 perfectly sized bowls (30cm and 25cm) are:

 Great for salad, for pasta, for collectables (stones, shells, and other small memento's)


...for snacks or for your family's favourite pudding

& finally my shopping list ends with the pottery trivet...


Add depth to your kitchen decor or give as a gift for someone special

Or maybe just be practical (!) and keep next to your stove for your hot pot or teapot!

You could simply hang on the wall to enjoy every time you walk past...

If you can't get to Turkey - then visit a Home Stylist or my website! And you too can shop as though you are in the Grand Bazaar!

 All items shown are available from registered Home Style Distributors

Or purchase online from



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