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The leap of faith...

What do you do? - a question asked at every networking event, business meeting or social gathering... and one up to a short time ago I could answer in my sleep.

And then - I chose - some may say unwisely due to the current economic situation our country finds itself in,  to leave the relative security of knowing what to do every day, of being reassured with that welcome ping of the text message when cash is deposited into a needy bank account at the end of every month.  I decided to leave that and join those brave entrepreneurs ready to make their mark in their chosen industry.

Well, I did what I needed to do, I resigned and bid colleagues a tearful farewell. I was finally on my long awaited journey...

The very first morning of 'my new life' I sat at my desk (actually the retired dining table!), in my office (the previous sitting room), opened my diary on a very empty page and did something I learnt later many new entrepreneurs do...I became so overwhelmed about my decision to 'go it alone'  that I simply sat  and noisily bawled my eyes out.  

What had I done?....How could I have chosen to do this?....What would I do if my business plans did not work??

All these negative thoughts and more rushed at me like an oncoming train, and I was left doubting every choice I had ever made, questioning every goal I had every achieved.  Those negative, but incredibly human concerns,  caused my new-found independence to be dashed as easily as an egg being dropped and broken on a ceramic floor.

Luckily sanity prevailed...and after giving my nose a good blow, taking a few deep breaths, I put my shoulders back and gave my subconscious a serious lecture.  I, (I told my mind), am and would continue to be a success, I reminded myself of my bravery, my integrity and my cheering support base..... and as easily as I had allowed myself to be caught in that moment of panic, I felt myself relax.

I knew in order to stay focused I would need to heed my insecurities.  So I drew up a list of what had to be achieved during my first week, and then broke this down into daily tasks.

I ensured that EVERY day would take me outside of my home office to meet someone new, to speak to someone (anyone at times) about my new business venture, to attend the local networking events and to pick up the communications with past contacts.

Every task I wrote down had to have a purpose.  Every step I needed to take, had to bring my closer and closer to my goal. No day would ever again be left empty, and without a plan.

I know the enemy of the entrepreneur is self discipline.  So I ensure I keep to the same hours (often much longer) than I did when employed...I make the time for a 60 minute walk (be it early in the mornings) and am mindful of all I have to be thankful for.

I have discovered talents that had been hidden, and even some only now being discovered,  and am quite simply revelling in the independence and LOVING the transition! 

And YES - of course those dark days will re-visit.

But now I know what to do - just take a deep breath, pick up that pen and start creating new action plans.

And step by step I will get there, and so will you!

But only if we  'just get on and do it'!


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