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Saving your Skin


The sacred fruit believed to have sprung from the blood of Adonis - the God of Beauty represented fertility,  prosperity and ambition in many ancient cultures 

The secret of the pomegranate lies in it's juicy seeds 

Pomegranate seeds are the magic,  the miracle and the holy grail for your skin!

And all due to the richness of nutrients, omega 5, punicic acid (the only fruit source known to carry this acid) and many more valuable goodies all of which help to keep your skin in tip top condition 

Introducing your skin's new best friend - Punicic Acid 

The fountain of health and beauty,  it is the greatest healer of the body's largest organ,  the skin 

The healing properties can be summed up in the following 4Anti's :





The verdict is clear - we LOVE pomegranates and it's seeds love us more 

They protect our skin against cancerous and skin diseases is,  is a natural beautifying agent and improves elasticity meaning less lines and wrinkles 

For more information on this natural product contact 

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Launching the Balance CleenCloth

The microfibre CleenCloth is a powerful skincare tool and removes much more than makeup. By lifting the bacteria and dirt from the skin's surface it allows your serum to penetrate and work so much better. Order your CleenCloth online in September and receive a R50 discount on your next purchase of any Balance Skincare product (excludes the Pamper Collection)