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Expect More by Debbie Jackson

If we don't look for more, we will never find treasure...

This is the tag line for an investment company, but could so easily be one for our own lives.

If we do not search constantly inside for strength, for wisdom, for being able to give more graciously to our families and to our communities where does that leave us?

There is more to living than just existing. Life is not about just making it from one pay cheque to the next. We are able to take stock of our own situations and to make choices and decisions on how to move forward - no matter what situation we find ourselves in we always have the power of choice.

These choices can either impact positively on our lives allowing us to experience and taste freedom and success - just as a lack of exercising that choice will cause us to settle for the status quo, eventually giving up on our goals and our dreams - our 'treasure ,ourselves'.

Keep searching - it will be worthwhile.


If you feel you need support, perhaps a guiding hand or even some downright honest feedback then contact Debbie Jackson, life coach and entrepreneur extraordinaire! Her business and life skill's will move you from where you are to where you want to be.

The New You Coaching package is available as face to face coaching or online through Skype.

Her program leads you from your personal life scenario, to unpacking your vision and goals in business.

New You could be the program you need to find your treasure.

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