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The Spiritual Soul

For those on a spiritual journey, these thoughts may be just what you are needing to hear.

To live a mindful life we need to be in the present - to value the NOW rather than the past or the future. To start this process we need to look at our view on self-esteem.

Let's turn the idea of self-esteem right around as we practise the art of not having a self in the first place. (confused?...) Don't be.  It is a simple skill.  Your stories about yourself begin in your head and are not real. As soon as we rely on stories to tell us about ourselves we are in serious trouble. Firstly, the mind is rarely positive, and is highly likely to focus on what you have'nt done well with in the past, which is why most people have problems with their self-esteem. Secondly while you are busy thinking about what kind of person you are, you're missing out on the present! Also known as LIFE. In our efforts to please the judging voice in our head we sacrifice our own precious life.

Take life an instant at a time. Try it today; any time thoughts arise about what kind of person you are and what sort of job you are doing, shift focus to the activity you are engaged in this instant. Make the activity the primary and the story of what is means secondary and see what happens.





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