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 Those quick fashion fixes can be brilliant mood lifters, but keeping up with the trends is exhausting and very often unsatisfying.

The great news is that by firstly really understanding your body shape and working with it, you can identify signature trends that will look fab on you, and if you watch the chain stores you can pick up the look-alike's without breaking the bank. 

The trick to a great wardrobe is to find your variation of the trend - no matter what your age, size or shape 
My advice is to get to love your body... curves, straight up and down or pear - it is your unique shape so get to understand and work with it.

Identify your body type - look on our web for more assistance - or even subscribe for the Styling You Experts to do their online assessment number on you.  No more second guessing. No more wasting money and time searching and bringing home those pieces that eventually get dumped in the back of your closet where they cant remind you of your shopping failures!

Now take the time to give your closet a review.

Start from the inside and check over your undies.  Up to 70 per cent of women wear the wrong bra size and there really is no excuse for it.  Many stores offer a fitting service or pop along to a specialist store for a free bra-fitting service. Once you have that perfect fit, you will not only feel the difference to your posture and your confidence you will see it too.

Then rework some of those other pieces lurking in the back... a beautifully embroidered jersey, a pashmina purchased on a trip to India... or just an item you may quite simply have forgotten about.

It's time to step outside of your comfort zone and buy that special piece.  The one you never thought you would.  It does not have to be an expensive purchase - a new handbag in a vavavoom pop of colour, a pair of patterned leggings or add height with heels.

Treat yourself to that spoil - pamper yourself.  These treats will help boost your confidence and the more confident you are the better you look.

Have fun! 

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